VITA Volunteer Training


VITA Volunteer Training

VITA of Warren, Washington and Northern Saratoga counties has scheduled the following training schedule for tax preparers. Classroom instruction is the preferred training method for all new volunteers as there will be many opportunities for interaction between students and instructors while learning basic tax law and the computer tax prep software.

Returning volunteers and those familiar with basic tax return preparation do not need to attend all of the training sessions. We do suggest you attend any session where you may need review of that evening’s topic and one of the update classes held in January.

The  class outline is setup to follow the process of an appointment; interviewing the client, collecting documentation, using our tax prep software to complete the return, checking the return, quality review, printing and signatures.

Washington, Warren & Northern Saratoga Counties

VITA Training Sessions 2019-2020

For 2019-2020, we are offering 4 tracks of VITA training classes, the traditional 8 night class #1 will also have a daytime version #2, the Saturday version #3 (faster pace), and the specialty topic sessions #4. You can mix/match attendance across all tracks to fit your availability and knowledge level.

All training class sessions will be held in the Washington County Annex II meeting room located in the back of the parking lot at 411 Lower Main Street in Hudson Falls. The evening sessions 6-9pm are open @ 5pm so you may come early to practice on the computer or speak individually with the instructors. Formal class instruction will begin at 6pm. The daytime classes run 9am-noon with extra time available with the instructor until 1pm. The Saturday classes are from 9am – 3pm.   Bring a lunch.

2019-2020 Training Schedule 

Multi-week Traditional Class Description

#1  Program overview, introductions, fill out forms, intake process, interviewing, practice using computer.  Part 1:  Getting started and filing basics; Part 2:  Filing status, dependents, exemptions (Tuesday, 11/05/19 6pm – 9pm) & (Wednesday, 11/06/19 9am – noon)

#2  Part 3:  Income, wages, interest, pensions, unemployment, social security; TaxSlayer – will look at 1040 lines and links to input the income figures (Tuesday, 11/12/19 6pm – 9pm) & (Wednesday, 11/13/19 9am – noon)

#3  Part 3, 4, 5:  Business income, capital gains, and other income, adjustments to income, deductions, and standard vs. itemized, computing tax; TaxSlayer – related 1040 lines and links (Tuesday, 11/19/19 6pm – 9pm & 9am – noon)

#4  Part 5:  Non-refundable Credits – Dependent Care Credit, Child Tax Credit, Education & Misc. credits.  Will cover the  NYS issues with these credits along with the TaxSlayer  (Tuesday, 12/10/19 6pm- 9pm & 9am – noon)

#5  Part 6 & 7:  Payments & Refundable Credits, EITC, along with an overview of stock sales and VT returns; TaxSlayer 1040 lines and links  (Tuesday, 12/17/19 6pm – 9pm & 9am – noon)

#6  Affordable care act, Premium tax credit and payment;  Part 8:  finishing a return, quality review, steps to processing, using the tax summary form, printing and signing, documents to keep, etc.  (Wednesday, 01/08/20 6pm – 9pm & 9am – noon)

#7  Update Meeting – go over last minute changes to Tax law, TaxSlayer, procedures, etc.  Handout resource materials.  (Tuesday, 01/14/20 6pm – 9pm & 9am – noon) Plus (Wednesday 01/15/20 6pm – 9pm)

Makeup classes and suggested for returning volunteers

#1 & #2 Classes – Saturday, 01/04/20 9am – 3pm

#3 & #4 Classes – Saturday, 01/11/20 9am – 3pm

#5, #6 & #7 Classes – Saturday, 01/18/20 9am – 3pm

Classes for those wanting more in-depth training and returning volunteers

#1  Business income, capital gains, stock sales, sched K (Monday, 12/16/19 6pm – 9pm)

#2  Affordable Care Act, Premium Tax Credit and payment (Tuesday, 01/07/20 6pm – 9pm)

#3  Health Savings Accounts and Cancellation of Debt (Monday, 01/13/20 6pm – 9pm)


Other training resources:

Taxslayer  practice lab and training videos  password TRAINPROWEB

Link & Learn @ – choose a course level and begin, also access the practice lab from here.

Rochester CASH Coalitions training @ “Tax Preparers” & “Resources”

Prosperity Now training modules @ 

Training materials and workbooks are available from local site coordinators.