After assessing the potential risks associated with COVID-19 to our volunteers and our clients, our Osteobusters program has been suspended effective close of business Friday, March 20.

We will reassess the situation and provide updates as needed and make every attempt to resume classes as soo as possible.   The health of our clients and volunteers is our top priority.

The Osteobusters Exercise and Education Program is a community-based program for older adults which encourages participants to take steps to build and to maintain strong bones. It is presented in a small group format and is led by trained peer volunteers.

The program consists of exercises designed to improve balance, muscle strength and posture, and to encourage participation in weight-bearing activities.

Engaging in regular exercise to the extent of your abilities may help you to:

  • Maintain bone density and bone strength in adulthood
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improve posture, body mechanics and balance
  • Reduce the risk for fall-related fractures

If you are interested in joining an Osteobusters class check out any of the locations and times that are listed below!


Osteobusters Schedule
Osteobusters Schedule 2019