If you were at the 46th Annual LARAC June Arts Festival this weekend, you may have noticed a large crowd of spectators gathered on Maple Street looking up to the roof of The Queensbury Hotel. On the roof were over 40 brave souls dressed in harnesses and helmets awaiting their turn to rappel the side of the building. Each of these participants raised at least $1,000 to secure their spot to go Over the Edge in support of the Tri-County United Way.

From the perspective of the TCUW staff, this event was more successful than we could have imagined! Eight months ago, when we pitched the idea to our Board of Directors to host this unique fundraiser, we weren’t sure how it would be received. Fortunately for us, the tight knit community that is the Tri-County area responded in a huge way and we were able to raise over $30,000 to be distributed to our supported agencies!

The success of this event can be attributed to the support we received from our corporate sponsors and from so many helpful volunteers. First and foremost, we could not have asked for a better building partner in The Queensbury Hotel. Everyone from the ownership and management team to the engineering staff and front desk employees went above and beyond to accommodate our every need. And a special thank you to Tom Albrecht from Hilltop Construction and DeeJay Mike Dubray for entertaining the crowd all day with their emcee skills. Finally, to all of the volunteers that helped on event day, your enthusiasm and hard work were pivotal in ensuring a great event!

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