Tri-County United Way Transforms Volunteerism Approach in 2024, Departing from ‘Volunteer Connection

Tri-County United Way remains committed to fostering collaboration, strengthening community bonds, and creating lasting positive change. Join us in making a difference in the communities of Warren, Washington and Northern Saratoga Counties throughout the Tri-County service area.

Tri-County United Way is excited to help you and your organization build your employee engagement and community service experience throughout 2024. In 2023 we saw much success in community impact developments identifying, investing, and maximizing community engagement with various local businesses and non-profit organizations. As the new year approaches, we are excited to continue our impactful on-on-one model to further our community impact and giving efforts. In late 2023, we surveyed several of our community partners and local non-profits regarding our platform ‘Volunteer Connection.’ As a result and to continue supporting a more hands approach, we have decided to part ways with ‘Volunteer Connection. If you have any volunteer or community needs, please connect directly with Laura Jensen at (518) 793-3136 or by email at [email protected] to help your organization build upon community impact in 2024.