Community Investment Fund


Since 1923, Tri-County United Way has been dedicated to enhancing the collective ability of individuals to support one another by harnessing the compassion of our community to address the most pressing unmet human needs in our counties. We advance the common good by creating opportunities for all. Through Tri-County United Way, community partner agencies tackle tough challenges and work with private, public, and non-profit partners to boost: education, financial stability, and health as noted below. To be considered for ‘Tri-County United Way’s Community Investment Fund,’ new partner agencies must submit a priority area screening application by January, 15 2024 .


  • The applying partner agency must serve Tri-County United Way’s ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population (those who are above the federal poverty level, but below a sustainable wage).
  • Applying entities must hold a 501-C3 legal status within the Northern Saratoga, Washington, and/or Warren Counties.
  • The applying partner agency must also comply with relevant legal, federal, state, and local operational and reporting requirements (such as government-approved accounting practices, annual audits, 990 tax forms, and nondiscrimination policies).
  • Funding is not to exceed $10,000 per agency in the areas of education, financial stability or health targeting priority populations of youth up to the age of 24, seniors and those dealing with mental health concerns from Warren, Washington and Northern Saratoga Counties.
  • PLEASE NOTESubmission of a complete pre-request for priority area screening application does not guarantee funding. 
  • Once screened and approved, an agency would then need to complete a full Request For Proposal with up to five new agencies being selected in 2024.


New partner agencies must submit a priority area screening application in January, outlining the program’s purpose and explaining how it aligns with the Tri-County United Way’s impact areas and its specific funding objectives. The application is open November 15 through January 15. 

The Tri-County United Way’s Community Investment Committee reviews these priority area screening applications and either approves or declines the application. If a priority area screening application is approved, the partner agency proceeds to complete a full Request for Funding Proposal application, providing information about its internal operations, board of directors, audit results, agency budgets, program budgets, program goals (outcomes), and demographic information about the program’s beneficiaries. These funding requests must pertain to specific programs within the partner agencies scope of services and demonstrate the impact these programs will have on the community.


Once all of the Request For Proposal applications steps are finalized, the Community Investment Committee evaluates the priority area screening applications together. This committee’s role in the funding process is to oversee the allocation of donor funds entrusted to the Tri-County United Way.

This committee comprises of local volunteers who represent the diversity of the community and possess expertise in the areas of mental health care, senior care, child care, education, and the identified program priorities and outcomes. This committee makes funding recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the allocation of donor funds entrusted to the Tri-County United Way.

Partner Agencies with approved Request For Proposals present their programs before the full Community Investment Committee in March and April. Following all presentations, the committee engages in extensive discussions about the partner agency’s performance and impact in the community.


Based on all presentations and discussions, program funding recommendations are made, up to the maximum available funds. The final decisions regarding funding requests are determined by the Tri-County United Way Board of Directors. Award letters are subsequently sent out to approved partner agencies in May.

For further information, please contact the Tri-County United Way at 518-793-3136 or email [email protected].